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Presented by Shawna Brea
Founder of CEO SOUL & Co.

With an MBA and over 20 years of combined international marketing and entrepreneurial experience, Shawna is a speaker, author, business consultant & high-performance trainer, who is certified in NLP mindset and breathwork to provide women an embodied approach to leadership and business growth so they can earn more with ease.



✧ Investing in someone else's formula.

✧ Following in someone else's footsteps.

✧ Paying to be in someone else's energy.

And you know that somehow, someway...


You simply need to be shown how to activate the signature energy within you in a very practical and repeatable way, with methods, materials and modalities that you can use to lead yourself on a day-to-day basis.


Then welcome to an experience unlike you've ever witnessed before.

For the women who is ready to rise above the ashes of her past...

So she can create results in a way that revives her soul.

Together, we will revolutionize what leadership looks like.

It's time to tune out the noise of the world.

It's time to TUNE IN to the knowing within.


By tapping into a powerful, proven, and proprietary method we call the



This will be an experiential event that provides you very specific and tangible steps to put into practice in order to become an embodied women who can lead herself powerfully to any level of success she chooses.

(This will NOT simply be live videos that make you feel good, yet leave you wondering how to practically apply it to your business.)

We will be bridging the gap between information and integration.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to show up in a style of soul-level leadership that is signature to YOU.

You will use your energy to earn more with ease.

In this FREE experiential event we will cover:


As part of this workshop,
you will receive for FREE: 

  • 6 modules of trainings

  • Templates + posters

  • Proven strategic methods

  • Energetic modalities

  • Visualizations + breathwork

  • Soul-shifting exercises

  • Cohorts + private partners

  • And more surprises!

Sign me up!

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