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Welcome to a new style of rental space.


Whether you come to work solo, or with your whole crew... we've got a recording + retreat space just for you.

A Sacred Getaway

- To Get Sh*t Done -

As a CEO with soul, you are here to revolutionize the way you spread your message to the world. Our mission is to help you claim your own stage in a calm, centered state so you can...

"Let your light so shine."


Step inside the first-of-its-kind studio rental where you can create months of binge-worthy content for your brand, while relaxing in a sanctuary space away from the hustle & bustle of business.

Located an hour outside of Chicago, this beautiful space has a full-service recording studio to shoot your videos and podcasts, all inside of a cozy 2-bedroom home on the waterfront of McHenry County.

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This space will be fully sound-proof starting Nov 2023, and includes all lighting, microphones and tripods at each of our rental levels.

Bring your own cameras, or rent our studio staff who will be equipped to professionally record your content over the course of 3+ days of shooting.



In between studio sessions, come enjoy the cozy 2-bedroom, 1-bath space where you can stay solo, or with your family (comfortably sleeps up to six people).

Enjoy views of the water and forest preserve, while you find the quiet time to brainstorm, strategize, or simply step away from work for awhile.


Rental Packages

- To Suit Your Style -

Stay & Slay

This starter package includes staying in the beautiful waterfront home for four nights with full studio setup for you to record content during your time. 


✔️ 4-night stay

✔️ Studio setup

✔️ Lights, mics, tripods

✔️ Bring your own cameras


Surprise Welcome Bundle!


Contact us for custom proposals. Day rate for studio alone starts at $500/day. Annual memberships available with priority booking at discounted rates.

All files provided in packages #2 and #3 include raw (unedited) 4K video files and mp3 audio. Post-production fees separate upon request.


Soul Shoot

This full-service package includes everything in #1, plus on-site staff with all equipment to shoot ANY video, podcast, or photos for 3 full days (10a - 3p). 


✔️ 4-night stay

✔️ Film crew + teleprompter

✔️ Camera + drone

✔️ 3 days recording


B-Roll Video Footage!



C-Suite Strategy

This highest tier package includes everything in #1 /2, plus one month mapping your entire strategy for recording 3 months of content in 3 days. 


✔️ 4-night stay

✔️ One-month consulting

✔️ DFY content strategy

✔️ On-site video coach


Private Celebration Dinner!



Lock In Your Stay!

Tell us about your rental preferences and we will immediately follow-up with the steps to secure your booking!

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