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Since graduating from college back in 2004, I have shamelessly pivoted my career and companies countless times because of a commitment I made with God to pursue my purpose no matter the sacrifice.


People are continuing to settle for a life and business that is stressful, unfulfilling, and leaving them wondering what else is out there.

I can tell you with certainty that when you truly surrender, all of your worries will lead you to the foot of the cross where you no longer have to rely on "personal power" to forge your path to success.


At the start of 2023, I was called to fast for the first time. Since then, my life has radically changed as I've fully stepped into walking by the Holy Spirit and not by the flesh.

I am here to pass along the healing power that is available for high level leaders who are willing to leave the past behind them and go beyond where they've ever been in business.


If you're looking a new style of support that sees you as a soul leader, holding space for Holy Spirit healing and high level strategy...

I welcome you to start with a CEO Soul Session where we will unlock the hidden areas that are holding you back, while looking at your business through the lens of the spiritual gifts you've been given.


  • 2-hour soul session that will reveal your soul's purpose

  • Soul strategy PDF that outlines your personalized plan

  • Beautiful CEO binder to start organizing your business

  • Prophesy, prayer and a new style of soul support



111 North Wabash Ave. Ste.100

Chicago, IL 60602

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