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Woo! You're IN!

Welcome to the SOUL-UTION workshop series!

I promise, this will be a powerful experience for you...if you let it.

At the same will require that you raise your standards of self-leadership so that you can create success in a way that feels good.

Please watch this short 6-minute video to get yourself prepared.

We open the doors on Thursday 12/1!!!

There will be a little pre-work to set the stage for whatever level of success you want to see.

Below are the steps to take:


Request to join the FB community.

This is where the experience will take place, from 12/1 - 12/12.

We will welcome everyone in on Thursday at 3:00p CST!


Message Shawna on FB saying "I'm IN!"

This is a commitment to yourself. We are simply creating the space and structure for you to change the way you show up and set a new standard for self-leadership.

You've gotta be the one to take the step! We can't do that for you.
For those that find the courage, Shawna will be there to celebrate with a surprise.

So...which side of the "experiment" will you be on ;)


Check Your Text Messages

This is where we will be sending you daily momentum messages,
so make sure you received the first one!


If you didn't ...send us an email.

See you Thursday 12/1!!!
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