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It's time to welcome the next wave of women leaders who are a true embodiment in their work. Where together we rise to meet the massive gap that is missing in the market.

No more information or inspiration. It's time for integration. 


It's time we trade the "teaching" style of support programs in business... and step into a transformation learning + leadership environment.

My mission is to help catapult the success of incredibly talented women who are here to change the world. This requires that we shift the conversation. Instead of continuing to LEARN more knowledge from others. We need to LEAD more from the *knowing* within ourselves.

In case we haven't me, I'm Shawna. After receiving my MBA in Entrepreneurship and running a successful marketing agency on my own, I've now created an immersive environment for women CEOs to go beyond the business education ....and truly become embodied leaders.

I cannot wait to support you in this way.

xo, Shawna.


Introducing The Groundbreaking
Experiential Mentorship™ Model

A multi-dimensional ecosystem with lots of layers and depth to shift your CEO SOUL daily.


We've cultivated a transformational environment designed around creating the next wave of embodied leaders.


This goes way beyond the typical Q&A style coaching programs, and focuses on the practical application of methods, modalities, and materials that create true lasting and sustainable change from within.

This is about truly walking the walk so you can transform others by who you are BEing.

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Moving past the "pay for proximity" model.

We must build a new model without limitation of hierarchy, by cultivating a community of self-empowered women working creatively together within a warm, inviting, and intimate setting where leaders can have honest interaction with each other (beyond the high-vibe hype).


Each women will bring their individual experiences together through an empowering process in which each member contributes to the collective that allows her to finally find a real sense of belonging that shifts everyone on a cellular level.



Our signature 7-layer 
SOULsupport system

Do you ever feel scattered and disorganized with all the areas you are working on in your business?

Do you continue to invest in programs that teach you things you've already purchased in the past?


We've created a simple system to synchronize and streamline every area of your business.

From mindset, emotional intelligence, and productivity .... to creating new offers, selling, and content management.

Not to mention hiring, training, and setting up the systems to continue scaling with a sense of ease.

We support our clients to focus on the primary areas that will set them apart from the pack.

While also working to strengthen the areas that allow you build a scalable and sustainable business that brings out the best of who you are.

Bypass the glass ceiling that's been holding you back.

A life-changing experience where we will shatter everything standing in your way, so you can surrender to your soul and come out with a core shield of inner strength.

SHATTERPROOF is a multi-modality mastermind for women to earn more with ease through emotional mastery, experiential brand work, and embodied leadership.

Setting the stage for the next wave of women leadership.

By using your God-given gifts to help more people in a bigger, bolder way.



  • You want to collaborate w/ other powerful women in a high-touch, supportive container where we walk beside each other with strength and standards

  • You are ready to find *your* people in business that bring out the best of who you are, and allow ALL sides of you to be seen, no matter what you are struggling with

  • You desire to get organized and streamlined in all areas of your business so you can scale in a way that works for you, instead of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out

  • You want to put your time toward brainstorming big ideas for your brand, not simply sit on weekly calls with a coach to ask the same type of questions over + over

  • You are ready to take massive action and receive high level support from a C-Suite team by your side who will make sure you are playing at your edge

  • You want to become a true embodied transformational leader that changes the game in your industry based on who you are BEing to the world around you

  • You are ready to build a revolutionary business model that has never been seen before, that creates last-standing assets that become the staple of your legacy brand  



You will receive full client access with UNLIMITED support as you learn to embody an integrated style of leadership, so that every day you show up *fully* in your power - no matter the fears, setbacks, and emotional triggers trying to stop you.


We’ve created the most safe, supportive space for you to be seen at the SOUL level, so that as a conscious leader, you can finally create lasting, sustainable change for yourself...with a team of high-powered women by your side that bring out the best of who you are in business.


This is achieved through a mixture of modalities including *certified* breathwork, visualization, and subconscious mindset techniques ... while at the same time supporting your business in simplifying and streamlining all areas that will allow you to scale in a way that works for YOU.

Welcome to self-leadership with soul.

Welcome to the world of SHATTERPROOF.

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My passion is to facilitate growth and transformation within women leaders

When it comes to business, let's just say I've been deep in the trenches (a time or two).

After building multiple businesses and making myself + clients millions...


I've learned the hard way what it means to achieve emotional mastery, and why it's such a critical component to fully stepping into the CEO role and becoming SHATTERPROOF.

When it comes to business, it doesn't get easier, we get stronger. It's about building a strong sense of self that can withstand any storm or setback.

This is the change I am here to facilitate. I'm now a Master Practitioner in NLP mindset training, and a certified trauma-informed breathwork practitioner to provide a true multi-modality environment in the business space for women who are committed to becoming embodied leaders.



For the visionary who wants to truly embody her work on a soul level and calibrate to a higher state of energy and emotional mastery so she can step into limitless expansion.

  • 12 months of UNLIMITED personalized 7-layer support system to bring out the best of you

  • Daily private chat to tap into me, my team, and the magic of our group for all the highs + lows

  • Monthly 1:1 calls with one of our specialized Board of Advisor consultants

  • Multi-modality environment (mindset work, breathwork, soul work, business work sessions)

  • Quarterly Board Meeting (Board of Advisors) to share reports + receive advisory 

  • Learning Library with organized trainings and templates to streamline your business

  • Stylish CEO Binder + mailed packages for simplifying +and synchronizing 

  • Marketing Team to book you on podcasts, media outlets and feature you to 10,000+

  • Certification in embodied transformational leadership (month 6-12)


3 LIVE events!!!


  • 2-day immersion event with photo/video shoot

  • 20-hour retreat (to relax, reflect, and RISE)

  • 3-day conference (where you will speak at!)

"We don't need more educated leaders who "know" things ... we need more embodied leaders who transform others by who they are BEing."


$5,500 / three-months

(for the first 6 women, normally $7,500)

PIF and extended payment plans are available.


Our Story

Our online studio cultivates success in a brand new way by combining a range of mentorship and consulting to create revolutionary experiences + environments within your company.


After receiving her MBA in Entrepreneurship in 2010, Shawna went on to run her own marketing agency for 7 years, and developed a sweet spot of creating mind-blowing materials, methodologies, and modalities for clients that will becomes the bread and butter of their business.


We now curate custom packages + containers through our proprietary Experiential Mentorship™ model, and create marketing campaigns that coincide ... so that everything you put out into the world, begins to build a legacy brand that stands the test of time.

Your Board of Advisors

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