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We are now enrolling for the new year!

CEO SOUL™ proudly presents .... SHATTERPROOF.


A multi-modality mastermind for women to earn more with ease through emotional mastery, experiential brand work, and embodied leadership.


We begin on January 16th!


Synchronize and streamline your entire business within this powerful experience where we all come together to see each other on a soul level as leaders, by tapping into a proprietary 7-layer support system you will always know exactly how to stay focused and move forward in your business no matter what is trying to stand in your way.

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  • You want to collaborate w/ other powerful women in a high-touch, supportive container where we walk beside each other with strength and standards

  • You are ready to find *your* people in business that bring out the best of who you are, and allow ALL sides of you to be seen, no matter what you are struggling with

  • You desire to get organized and streamlined in all areas of your business so you can scale in a way that works for you, instead of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out

  • You want to put your time toward brainstorming big ideas for your brand, not simply sit on weekly calls with a coach to ask the same type of questions over + over

  • You are ready to take massive action and receive high level support from a C-Suite team by your side who will make sure you are playing at your edge

  • You want to become a true embodied transformational leader that changes the game in your industry based on who you are BEing to the world around you

  • You are ready to build a revolutionary business model that has never been seen before, that creates last-standing assets that become the staple of your legacy brand  

Our Story

Our online studio cultivates success in a brand new way by combining a range of mentorship and consulting to create revolutionary experiences + environments within your company.


After receiving her MBA in Entrepreneurship in 2010, Shawna went on to run her own marketing agency for 7 years, and developed a sweet spot of creating mind-blowing materials, methodologies, and modalities for clients that will becomes the bread and butter of their business.


We now curate custom packages + containers through our proprietary Experiential Mentorship™ model, and create marketing campaigns that coincide ... so that everything you put out into the world, begins to build a legacy brand that stands the test of time.

Your Board of Advisors

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