We are creative business consultants that combine explosive strategy with the essence of your soul as CEO, to catapult your brand and earn you more with ease.

Strategy + Scaling

We combine our 20+ years in entrepreneurship + marketing to come up with explosive concepts that will break the mold in your industry and make your business more money.

Methods + Materials

Our sweet spot is creating revolutionary ways to take your existing brand and map out intellectual property that turns your energy into limitless earning potential and becomes the legacy work of your business.

Growth + Grounding

Part of our intention in working together is supporting your personal growth as CEO, and allowing you to stay grounded as you scale, with simple practices that bring out the best of who you are.


By coming in alongside you, we will take the brand you’ve built and turn it into an empire, as our genius is finding revolutionary ways to create additional revenue streams and legacy brand work that stands the test of time. 

We then provide the creative business support to translate those ideas into action, tapping into your existing team and staying by your side until the project has seen an ROI.

Additionally, our sweet spot is taking a holistic approach that combines the soul of the business (YOU the CEO) as a way to breath life into the brand and make it unlike anything in the market. 

When we are able to infuse the energy and essence of YOU as leaders into everything the business stands for, we can transform the internal and external environment in a way that allows you to become an embodied brand.

We Partner With Purpose-Based Brands

Shawna has over 18 years of marketing and entrepreneurial experience, helping grow brands around the world. She now provides coaching + consulting to woman in business, to guide them on growth from the inside out by connecting the fields of mindset and marketing to maximize potential. 

Her team has expertise in branding, copywriting, social media, sales strategy, operations + systems, lead generation, and much more. 

We've worked both new brand and established businesses to create growth month over month.

Our goal is to build a minimum $1M new income stream for your brand over the next year.

Here are a few examples of results that have been created with our team:

  • Sharm landed a $190K opportunity after a few months of working together
  • Nicole at Halcon Marketing added $37K/month and tracking $1M for the year
  • Beverly increased her sales 2000% a month after working together
  • Sheena at Works Learning added $250,000 in new business and on target for $1M
  • Kiki at Smoothies Activewear built an online apparel brand that is now international
  • Susan at the Visionary Room had a 1000% increase in sales after two months of working together

Let's Talk

We love exploring ways to explode your brand and make you more money with ease.

Packages start at $10,000.

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