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Anyone who purchases any of these offers by midnight on Mon 11/28 and spends $200 or more, will access up to three incredible "Bonus Bundles" from our team here at CEO SOUL & CO.

#1 Spend $200 or more = "Soul Spa Bundle!"

Collection of meditations, visualizations, and breathwork to help release stress, cultivate inner calmness, and connect with your intuition.

#2 Spend $500 or more = "Procrastination Hacks" Productivity Pack!

Collection of productivity trainings, vision planning packs, and high-performance templates to turn ideas into action and get more done!

PLUS, the "Soul Spa Bundle"

#3 Spend $2,000 or more = Mindset + High-Performance Coaching

One week of 1:1 personalized coaching to radically shift your mindset on a subconscious level and create a high-performance plan for 2023!

  • Includes 90 minute 1:1 session

  • One week Voxer coaching

  • Trainings and templates as applicable

PLUS, both bundles above!


Come support these 20 women-owned businesses and access the bundles as a bonus from us!

Must purchase by 11:59p CST on Mon 11/28



Darian Silver Clements Brown
Tammie Jones

Faith-Based Life & Relationship Coach

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Pinterest Marketing Strategist & Educator

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PRICE: $47 (normally $97)


VALID: 11/24 - 11/28

If you love Jesus & you’ve been struggling with talking about sex and/or setting boundaries with the people you love, and you want to make sure that your relationships with them are better than ever? This bundle is for YOU!


The She Speaks Confidence Black Friday Bundle

  • Sex Talks with Truth & Grace Course: know when & how to talk to each person in your life about sex in a better way–even your kids! 

  • Biblical Boundaries Course: learn why boundaries are Godly, for you, & how to implement & correct them

  • FREE 1:1 Game Plan call with me to cover the 1 thing that’s holding you back from speaking up (it’s probably not what you think)

You will know the exact next steps you can do TODAY to get freedom & speaking with confidence!

Want to build an automated lead generation system for your business to get new clients and customers? Learn how to create a Pinterest Idea pin strategy, calendar, and scroll stopping, SEO driven idea pins for marketing your  business on Pinterest.

Pinterest Idea Pins Masterclass

  • You’ll learn why you should be using idea pins and how to know what pins to create

  • How and when to upload your idea pins to Pinterest

  • Get templates and tools to make creating your idea pins quick and easy

Tammie Black Friday (1).png
315500567_579048864022605_8968926121661297671_n (1).png

PRICE: $157 (normally $1057!)


VALID: Nov 21 - 28

Mom Strong.png
Charlene Trinsi

Brand & Business Coach

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Stephanie Chapman

Mom Strong Mindset Mentor

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Get the support you need to show up confidently and consistently, from tips and tricks of composition, editing, and posting, to mindset and personal growth that will help you show up as the Queen you ARE and start converting more leads with your online exposure.

Show Up Like a Queen

  • Six modules containing everything you need to begin showing up with more confidence and consistency.

  • A library of workbooks, templates, and planners.

  • Daily support through the private members-only Facebook group.

Master your mindset with self coaching tools that help you to stop the self-sabotage and begin living the intentional life you desire.


Mindset Mastery Hub

  • 12 Modules containing weekly action steps that are actually doable even when you’re busy, overwhelmed and overworked.  This program will help you manage it all.

  • Library that includes workbooks, planners and trackers

  • Additional support through 6 member only one on one calls with me

Charlene Trinsi Black Friday Offer .png

PRICE: $222 (normally $555!)

DISCOUNT: 60%off

VALID: 11/25 - 11/28

Code for promo: SHOWUPFRIDAY


PRICE: $800 


VALID: 11/21-11/30

Code for Promo: BLACKFRI200

Shelby St.clair

Soul Alignment Activator & Business Strategist

Kelly Cable

Self Care Expert and Owner of We Care Vet Box

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Are you feeling stuck, trapped, unable and unsure how to make your dreams a reality?


I've been there too...our fears get in the way, our limiting beliefs kick in and before we know it months have gone by and nothing has changed.


It's as if maybe being an entrepreneur isn't meant for us or the life we dream of having is just too far out of reach.

I promise you this, it's not as far as it feels and the life you desire is waiting for you.


Step into alignment as we tap into your soul's purpose, clear out what no longer serves you and energetically lock in the life and business of your dreams on this 90 minute call.

Soul Alignment Call

  • Get clear on what is holding you back and getting in the way of having the life and business that you dream of

  • Call in the shift you desire as we energetically encode your wildest dreams into your mind, body and soul

  • Receive a personalized Roadmap to Success with action steps you can begin taking NOW

You take care of animals all day but who takes care of you?

Working with animals inside and outside of Veterinary Medicine can be very challenging and emotional. As a Vet Pro for almost 20 years, I know exactly what the job demands and what our emotions can handle.

That’s why I created We Care Vet Box, a self care box JUST for those who work with animals! I know how hard it is to dedicate self care time to yourself and how difficult it can be to find new and interesting self care ideas, so I have solved that!