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Anyone who purchases any of these offers by midnight on Mon 11/28 and spends $200 or more, will access up to three incredible "Bonus Bundles" from our team here at CEO SOUL & CO.

#1 Spend $200 or more = "Soul Spa Bundle!"

Collection of meditations, visualizations, and breathwork to help release stress, cultivate inner calmness, and connect with your intuition.

#2 Spend $500 or more = "Procrastination Hacks" Productivity Pack!

Collection of productivity trainings, vision planning packs, and high-performance templates to turn ideas into action and get more done!

PLUS, the "Soul Spa Bundle"

#3 Spend $2,000 or more = Mindset + High-Performance Coaching

One week of 1:1 personalized coaching to radically shift your mindset on a subconscious level and create a high-performance plan for 2023!

  • Includes 90 minute 1:1 session

  • One week Voxer coaching

  • Trainings and templates as applicable

PLUS, both bundles above!


Come support these 20 women-owned businesses and access the bundles as a bonus from us!

Must purchase by 11:59p CST on Mon 11/28



Darian Silver Clements Brown
Tammie Jones

Faith-Based Life & Relationship Coach

  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • TikTok

Pinterest Marketing Strategist & Educator

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • TikTok

PRICE: $47 (normally $97)


VALID: 11/24 - 11/28

If you love Jesus & you’ve been struggling with talking about sex and/or setting boundaries with the people you love, and you want to make sure that your relationships with them are better than ever? This bundle is for YOU!


The She Speaks Confidence Black Friday Bundle

  • Sex Talks with Truth & Grace Course: know when & how to talk to each person in your life about sex in a better way–even your kids! 

  • Biblical Boundaries Course: learn why boundaries are Godly, for you, & how to implement & correct them

  • FREE 1:1 Game Plan call with me to cover the 1 thing that’s holding you back from speaking up (it’s probably not what you think)

You will know the exact next steps you can do TODAY to get freedom & speaking with confidence!

Want to build an automated lead generation system for your business to get new clients and customers? Learn how to create a Pinterest Idea pin strategy, calendar, and scroll stopping, SEO driven idea pins for marketing your  business on Pinterest.

Pinterest Idea Pins Masterclass

  • You’ll learn why you should be using idea pins and how to know what pins to create

  • How and when to upload your idea pins to Pinterest

  • Get templates and tools to make creating your idea pins quick and easy

Tammie Black Friday (1).png
315500567_579048864022605_8968926121661297671_n (1).png

PRICE: $157 (normally $1057!)


VALID: Nov 21 - 28

Mom Strong.png
Charlene Trinsi

Brand & Business Coach

  • Instagram
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  • Twitter
Stephanie Chapman

Mom Strong Mindset Mentor

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Facebook

Get the support you need to show up confidently and consistently, from tips and tricks of composition, editing, and posting, to mindset and personal growth that will help you show up as the Queen you ARE and start converting more leads with your online exposure.

Show Up Like a Queen

  • Six modules containing everything you need to begin showing up with more confidence and consistency.

  • A library of workbooks, templates, and planners.

  • Daily support through the private members-only Facebook group.

Master your mindset with self coaching tools that help you to stop the self-sabotage and begin living the intentional life you desire.


Mindset Mastery Hub

  • 12 Modules containing weekly action steps that are actually doable even when you’re busy, overwhelmed and overworked.  This program will help you manage it all.

  • Library that includes workbooks, planners and trackers

  • Additional support through 6 member only one on one calls with me

Charlene Trinsi Black Friday Offer .png

PRICE: $222 (normally $555!)

DISCOUNT: 60%off

VALID: 11/25 - 11/28

Code for promo: SHOWUPFRIDAY


PRICE: $800 


VALID: 11/21-11/30

Code for Promo: BLACKFRI200

Shelby St.clair

Soul Alignment Activator & Business Strategist

Kelly Cable

Self Care Expert and Owner of We Care Vet Box

  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
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Are you feeling stuck, trapped, unable and unsure how to make your dreams a reality?


I've been there too...our fears get in the way, our limiting beliefs kick in and before we know it months have gone by and nothing has changed.


It's as if maybe being an entrepreneur isn't meant for us or the life we dream of having is just too far out of reach.

I promise you this, it's not as far as it feels and the life you desire is waiting for you.


Step into alignment as we tap into your soul's purpose, clear out what no longer serves you and energetically lock in the life and business of your dreams on this 90 minute call.

Soul Alignment Call

  • Get clear on what is holding you back and getting in the way of having the life and business that you dream of

  • Call in the shift you desire as we energetically encode your wildest dreams into your mind, body and soul

  • Receive a personalized Roadmap to Success with action steps you can begin taking NOW

You take care of animals all day but who takes care of you?

Working with animals inside and outside of Veterinary Medicine can be very challenging and emotional. As a Vet Pro for almost 20 years, I know exactly what the job demands and what our emotions can handle.

That’s why I created We Care Vet Box, a self care box JUST for those who work with animals! I know how hard it is to dedicate self care time to yourself and how difficult it can be to find new and interesting self care ideas, so I have solved that!

Sign up for our 1 year subscription (4 boxes at $45 each, billed separately) and get a FREE mini self care box with your first shipment (a $50 value, FREE).

Our mini boxes come with 7 self care items yours free when you snag a one year subscription during our Black Friday event!

 Free mini self care box with Subscription sign up

  • Self care for the mind, body, and soul, curated just for those who work with animals

  •  7 aspects of self care (or more) addressed in every shipment

  • 7 free self care items

Boss Lady 2022 Black Friday Sale.png

PRICE: $111(normally $333!)

DISCOUNT: $222 off

VALID: 11/21 - 11/27



PRICE: $45 (+ tax) shipping to USA only (regularly $80 + tax)


VALID: 11/23-11/28

*no promo code necessary*

Christelle Biiga

Professional Speaker

  • Instagram
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  • LinkedIn
Carlie Rocque

Leadership, Performance & Mindset Coach, Trainer & Speaker

  • Facebook
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  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn

When thinking about leveraging speaking to grow their business and make a bigger impact, entrepreneurs usually fall under one of the following categories:

1- I would love that, but I’m a little bit intimidated

2- I would love that, but I don’t think I can be a speaker

3- I would love that, but I don’t know where to start

4- I would love that, but I’m too busy to learn

I you fall under any of those categories, then Get Stage Ready in 4 Days is the perfect solution for you! 

In just 4 days, we will get all the resources that have helped me in my journey as a professional speaker, and you will walk away feeling more confident in your ability to speak on any stage, and you will have a step by step process on how to use public speaking to grow your business.

Get Stage Ready in 4 Days!

  • Discover and craft you signature story

  • Create your speaker’s one-sheet

  • Learn the formula that guarantees bookings

This membership enables you access to decades of leadership, performance and mindset experience and teachings turned into courses and coaching sessions.


The membership includes courses on personal and professional development from our training portfolio, and will be adding a new course each month.


As a VIP founding member you have access to it all, so you can focus on learning the skills needed to succeed, master skills to overcome stresses and anxieties in work and life, and set yourself up for an amazing 2023.

 High Performance Professionals Academy

(1 Yr Exclusive Founding Membership)

  • Instant access to video & audio training, books and an exclusive community (Valued at over $10,000)

  • 12 x Monthly Group mentoring to plan personal Success Mindset Roadmap (Valued at $3540)

  • 1 x 1:1 Coaching Session with a qualified trainer & coach (Valued at $1995)


PRICE: $498.5(normally $997!)


VALID: 11/21 - 11/30

Discount code: STAGEREADY50

Black Friday Graphic Example.jpg

PRICE: $1111 (normally $3995!)

DISCOUNT: Founding Member Black Friday Offer Saving MASSIVE 72%

VALID: 11/23-11/28

Sally Meyers

Life Coach

Jasmine Rose

Spiritual Mentor and Advisor for

Ambitious New Earth Leaders

  • Instagram
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  • Instagram
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  • Facebook

This is my signature 6 month program, which I only enroll in once a year. I’ll help you ditch the “shoulds”, unleash your inner rebel, and LOVE your life!  Let’s do this adventure together!


REBEL Group Coaching Program

  • 40% off normal price for Black Friday only

  • 6 month group coaching container, includes live coaching via zoom and modules

  • Treasury of resources including book lists, journal prompts, meditations, breathwork and more

image for black friday (1).png

PRICE: $3600 (normally $6000)


VALID: 11/25-11/28

A 3 hour private session where l channel your divine blueprint with detailed information about your Soul's lineage and unique spiritual gifts and abilities.


This ceremonial activation is tailored to your needs where you can ask specific questions, receive personalized energy healing work for cultivating your magic, and/or download a pathway to activate to your full potential. 


This VIP session is for you if you desire to:

  • Access the full truth of the magic that you are

  • Expand your psychic abilities and fully embody divine gifts

  • Birth your unique transmission into the world

  • Cultivate feminine magnetism from within

Discover Your Magic

  • Learn how to unlock, deliver and maximize your creative success

  • Receive personalized tools to upgrade your energy and light body

  • Activate new soul gifts and abilities

The Discover Your Magic Activation is designed to provide you with an instruction manual to activate your dormant DNA and support you in quantum leaping in any area of your life.


PRICE: $555 (normally $1111!)


USE CODEBfriday50

VALID: 11/25-11/28

Janice Tyler

FB Marketing Strategist

  • Facebook
  • Facebook
  • TikTok
Amy Schadt

Women’s Empowerment Coach/Event Producer

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

Launch a low ticket course and create a high ticket income. Starting and running your own business can be an incredibly rewarding experience. However, it can also be overwhelming, especially if you're not sure where to start.

That's where we come in. We'll also help you build a sustainable and workable business. With our help, you'll be able to achieve your goals and create a business that you're proud of. 
Here at the GET MORE CLIENTS MASTERMIND, we are proud to offer our clients the opportunity to become the Go- To Expert in their industry. 
We will help you to create a business plan, hone your marketing skills, and develop a sales strategy that will help you close more deals and attract more clients.


  • Attract new members organically into your fb group 
  • Learn how to get members to engage with you + other members ( essential for growth )
  • Create conversion content that turns your members into paying clients

Black friday collab with Shawna.png

PRICE: $349 (normally $499)


VALID: 11/24 - 11/28

An affordable “DIY” step-by-step guide to easily create a unique WordPress website, while having fun doing it…


This online course is for you if…


  • You feel your business would benefit from a professional website.

  • You're uncertain in your abilities to even learn how to create a website.

  • You are ready to put your business online but an expensive web designer is not something you want to spend thousands of dollars on.

  • You don't want to constantly pay someone over and over for changes to your website.


And you want to…


  • Have the FREEDOM to easily build landing pages and add new content without being at the mercy of a web designer.

  • Build your brand, establish credibility, and attract your IDEAL clients with your messaging and story.

  • Save hours of FRUSTRATION and STRESS trying to figure it out alone….. And TONS of money on a web designer that goes MIA or slow to respond to your needs.

  • Create landing pages for sales pages, workshops, summits, and live events…

  • Design a custom Instagram page and put the link in your bio for upcoming events, downloadables, and your programs…

  • Finally, create opt-in forms to grow you list of ideal clients…

Website by Design Online Course

  • Videos with step by step detailed instructions on how to build out each part of your website.

  • Private Facebook group to get your questions answered.

  • Pre made templates that you can easily upload to your site (Bonus for this offer if you purchase Elementor Pro separately)

Copy of Black Friday Graphic Example (1) (1).jpg

PRICE:$249 (normally $498)


VALID: 11/25-11/28

Samantha Vickers
Dr. Gigi Abdel-Samed, MD

Holistic Herbal Alchemist

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Blogger

Transformational Coach, Soul Surgeon, Mentor to Heart Centered High Powered Women, and High Priestess who just Happens to Wear a White Coat



We Say No to Lifeless Ingredients and Yes to Active and Functional Beauty


Save 30% off with code Holiday30 at checkout, now through Black Friday

30% off High Vibrational Botanical Skincare

  • The path to beauty and a soul at peace starts with truth.

  • We believe in raw infusions, cold pressed and virgin seed oils, healthy soil, local farms, and transforming those things of seemingly little value into gold. 

  • We take ordinary things and make them extraordinary.

samantha Vickers .png
DISCOUNT: 30% off with code Holiday30
PLUS $10 off your first order (no code needed)

OFFER DATES: 11/20-11/28
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Blogger

This is THE foundational first step that over 250 physicians, CEO’s and leaders have taken that helped them create the biggest impact in their world and life quickly. A sacred intimate deep dive session to uncover the three biggest core patterns standing between you and all you desire… 

This is for you if…

  • You’ve got an already amazing life, and yet it just feels like something is missing...  

  • Everyone around you says how inspiring and amazing you are and yet the success feels hollow...

  • You are done with getting caught up in life and drama and busy-ness while always feeling exhausted and behind.

  • You are ready to break through and claim it all

And you want to…

  • KNOW who you are SO deeply and truly that nothing throws you off your center. 

  • BE the calm in midst of the storm

  • Claim your 100% life. 

  • Heal the ancestral trauma, stop the wounding, and teach your children a different paradigm

  • BE that grounded safe space in the world for your children, your partner, your parents, your family

  • FEEL like you can breathe again, that you matter.

Soul Diagnostic Session

  • Includes an in depth 10+ page questionnaire that will start the transformational process, leading you deeper into yourself, and beginning the a-has and breakthroughs

  • Two hour session via zoom with Dr. Gigi where you will walk away with a profound new understanding and awareness of yourself.  

  • You will walk away with clear next steps to move the needle that final few degrees that define the difference between frustration and fulfillment

Inclusions: Dr. Gigi’s signature questionnaire, a 2 hour online deep dive session.


Note: doing this session makes you eligible to experience some of Dr. Gigi’s other work. This is the entry point to other programs and offers.


What happens next?

Once you’ve completed the purchase you’ll receive an email with the questionnaire and next steps to book!

*If the discount is no longer available, that means that Dr. Gigi is all booked. However, don’t worry: sign up and you'll get $250 off a future program or offer”

high priestess.jpg

PRICE: $750 (normal investment $1500)

DISCOUNT: 50% off

OFFER DATES: valid 11/25 - 11/28

REDEMPTION DATES: must be used between December 10, 2022 and February 15, 2023

Tara “TRU” Russell
Karen Smith

Creative Business Strategist

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Blogger

Transformational life purpose facilitator/coach & intuitive energy healer

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

This product is for you if…

  • Your messaging is not clear

  • You do not know what to post and how to attract your ideal client

  • Marketing and promoting your business, service or product is challenging and  taking all of your time

  • You are tired of being a behind the scenes worker bee

And you want to…

  • You want to be equipped with a solid marketing plan for 2023 to increase profitability and growth

  • You need direction in your business to ensure longevity 

  • You want to know what to post and how to talk to your clients and customers

  • You want to position your business, product and service properly in 2023 to gain    

  •  visibility. 

 6 Month Marketing Plan, 12 Month Marketing Plan, 365 Content Calendar 

  • Includes an in depth Marketing Plan that will outline step by step, measure to grow your business, profits and customer base. 

  • One hour strategy session via zoom with TRU to discuss your 2023 business goals

  • 365 Content Calendar includes post ideas for Reels, CTA and Hashtag Strategies

Empower yourself to be yourself and shine like the diamond that you truly are. 

This program is for you if…

You are the creative and are looking to bring your unique gifts to the world with ease & confidence.

 And you want to…

  • Embrace your uniqueness so that you will become richer, bolder, the mistress of your craft. 

  • Create the life you want on your terms, no longer will you feel stressed, burnt out, disappointed or frustrated.

  • Learn how to give yourself the permission slip to show up authentically as you, no compromise and see vast improvement in all areas of your life.

  • Show up as your authentic self and push the edges and boundaries of your own self expression without self judgment or holding back.

  • Re-write the story of who you are by creating a new narrative,  one that is filled with new hope, joy and bliss.

  • Get comfortable with who you are and why it is a necessary for you to share your gifts. 

 Quintessentially you

  • Includes Human Design & EFT resiliency key sessions. 

  • 1.5hr online live coaching calls

  • Self care tools to keep you healthy & happy including meditations, herbal protocols, breathwork.

Black and yellow modern black friday sale instagram post (1).png


  • 6 Month Marketing Plan:

    • $49.99  Reg. $99.98

  • 12 Month Marketing Plan:

    • $69.99  Reg. $139.98 

  • 365 Content Calendar: 

    • $89.99  Reg. $180.00


OFFER DATES: valid 11/25 - 11/28


11/25 - 12/31


PRICE: $40 per session can be booked in advance

DISCOUNT:  50% Off

OFFER DATES: 11/25 - 11/30

REDEMPTION DATES: 11/25-2/05 and 01/09 - 02/09


Feel Good Marketing Mentor

  • Instagram
  • podcast-logo-microphone-icon-podcast-radio-icon_349999-729
  • Blogger
Angela Mackay

Piano Teacher

  • Instagram
  • Blogger

Content Pillars are dead.

They’re vague and cause you to spin out when you go to create content. You need some kind of system you can refer back to that helps you speak directly to your ideal clients.


Known For Topics are “subcategories” of your Content Pillars.

Using data and your unique thought leadership, we’ll put together a list of 9 Known For Topics live during the workshop. 

This is for you if:

  • You struggle to articulate what makes you different in your industry

  • You find yourself staring at the screen when it comes time to create content

  • Your messaging and content aren’t activating your audience to start conversations and buy


And you want to:

  • Know exactly what to say when in your content to create sales

  • Become a known expert in your industry

  • Have clear messaging and hot leads in your DMs in 2023

 Known For Topics

  • Walk away with 9 Known For Topics to apply in your marketing.

  • Change the way you create content forever with Known For Topics

  • An interactive 90 minute workshop to restructure your content pillars into Known For Topics

Come Back & Play

-A piano program you will love!

These piano programs are for you if…

  • You have always wanted to play piano but never have,OR

  • You used to play piano but it seems such a long time ago! 

  • You have completely lost your confidence in your ability to learn

  • You feel you have forgotten how to read music, remember keys or play scales

  • You are ready to go but feel you could do with some guidance and support

  • You want to see actual results and rewards for your efforts.


The three ways you can work with me in 2023:

  1. A group program

  2. A self-paced online course

  3. 1:1 sessions with me.


During our time together, you will absolutely learn to play some fun tunes and have an understanding of scales, chords and keys. But you will gain SO so so  much more than that.  

  • I will help you slow down so you can be present and calm EVERY time  you sit down at your instrument.

  • I will support you and guide you so that YOU can show up for yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually (whatever that means for you) in each session.

  • The BEST part? (and this is my favourite)  If you practise being present at the piano, then you can keep it!.  THIS IS THE GIFT

You can take it with you into your LIFE.

AND YOU will begin showing up for YOU.

  • in your everyday routines

  • in your business decisions

  • in your personal relationships

  • In your selfcare

  • In the difficulties and in the ease

THAT IS THE MAGIC of Come Back & Play





Please note: All programs begin in 2023.  


SPECIFIC PROGRAM START DATES are discussed on the call

To find out more. Please visit my webpage and schedule a call with me.


** Calls can be scheduled over the next few weeks. 


** OFFER ENDS ON 4th of December, so book your call before then!!!

Black Friday Graphic.png

PRICE: $47 will be $97

DISCOUNT: 50% off

OFFER DATES: valid 11/25 - 11/30

Copy of Black Friday Graphic (A.Mackay).png


GROUP PROGRAM + ONLINE COURSES →  pay-what-you-can

              1:1 TUITION → $222 for 2 X introductory sessions

DISCOUNT: priceless!

OFFER DATES: valid 11/25 - 12/04

Kieri Olmstead

Licensed Therapist & Coach for Strong Minded Women

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
Raquel Crawford

Intuitive Psychic and Medium

  • Facebook
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Are you ready to embody that voice inside you telling you it’s time to be heard? Then this is the course for you. We are going to kick imposter syndrome to the curb in just 12 weeks by joining a cohort of women just like you that are ready to show up, show out and give their gifts to the world.


Become the Most Confident Woman in Your Industry with Holistic Mindset Coach & Therapist, Kieri Olmstead. 


Kieri is uniquely equipped to take you from insecure imposter to inspired innovator in your field by helping you access the wounded parts inside you that are scared of showing up. She’s going to help you unlock the narrative that your role models believe and get you to the next level in your field. The time is now - you are here in this lifetime, in this moment in history because the world needs to hear your voice. As women we are being asked to use our voices and tell our stories for the first time in a very long time - so let’s make sure those voices are strong, confident and compassionate. 

Become the Most Confident Woman in Your Industry

  • 80% off for Black Friday!!!!!

  • 6 Group Sessions, 1 1-on-1 with Kieri & a priceless amount of knowledge in workbooks over 12 weeks

  • Transform your life & your business before the 1st Quarter 2023 is over.

Get clarity and support you need to show up for yourself to gain success in your life and in your career to step into the powerhouse you are meant to be.

Mediumship Reading

  • Touch into the multi-dimensional aspects of your life to see the signs you may be missing.

  • Touch into the multi-dimensional aspects of your business to see how you can amplify your career that you may be missing.

  • Connect to spirit guides about your soul’s code in your purpose and more.

2update (1).png

PRICE: $177.60 (normally $222)

DISCOUNT: 20 percent off

OFFER DATES: valid 11/21 - 11/30

Neutral Minimal Course Launch Instagram Post.png

PRICE: $1,000 (normally $5,000) 

DISCOUNT: $4,000 off! 

OFFER DATES: valid 11/24-11/30

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